Press release
September 25, 2023

The modern age of ground transportation and travel: SmartRyde and CDG Zig collaboration

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Singapore-based CDG Zig.

SmartRyde finds pride in its vision to elevate communities through mobility, and in this sense, we have found an excellent partner with CDG Zig, which focuses on providing a one-stop solution for mobility, lifestyle, and one of the world’s largest transportation and leading companies in Singapore and many other countries across the globe with its vision to aspire to be the one-stop lifestyle and transport App that is here for you every moving moment, for generations to come.

Pre-booked private airport transfers provided by SmartRyde will be enjoyed soon in CDG Zig App and will be available in Singapore and will expand to different countries globally.

SmartRyde’s vast presence in 150+ countries with direct connection and cooperation with local private transfer companies in more than 700 cities worldwide and with CDG Zig’s expertise in land transportation with extensive features and services in one app, this will allow CDG Zig users to have access with private airport transportation services they may need, wherever they may be and worry-free, without leaving the app.

Mr Sota Kimura, CEO and Founder of SmartRyde and Mr Stephen Chow, Chief Executive Officer at CDG Zig. Photo credit: CDG Zig

Mr Sota Kimura, CEO and Founder of SmartRyde said, "We are thrilled to partner with CDG Zig to make it easily accessible to their users and to offer pre-booked airport transfers. Our partnership reflects the need to provide a reliable service that allows users to move from the airport to anywhere in an even more seamless, safe, and secure way. We aim to bring the best experience to travelers and elevate communities through mobility."

As a result of this collaboration, we continue to strengthen our presence globally and take further steps to fulfill our mission to establish a global ecosystem of airport transfers available to everyone and succeed with our journey to transform the travel experience of travelers.